a caring community
uniting reason with spiritual exploration

Unitarian Church 
of Lincoln

a caring community uniting
reason with spiritual exploration

a caring community uniting
reason with spiritual exploration

a caring community uniting
reason with spiritual exploration

a caring community uniting
reason with spiritual exploration


Welcome to our church!

We are a church of open minds.
We are a church of loving hearts.
We are a church of helping hands.
Together we care for our earth,
And work for justice
and peace in our world.

We're a caring community uniting reason with spiritual exploration. We draw on the wisdom of the world's religions and the results of science. We welcome people of all abilities, ages, classes, races, colors, ethnicities, gender expressions, and sexual orientations.

Is this your first "virtual visit?" I invite you to read our Missionlearn about our churchand find out about our community, or stop by on a Sunday morning for our Service at 10:00AM. We'd love to meet you in person.

                                         Reverend Dr. Gretchen Woods, Interim Minister ~ revdocgwoods@gmail.com



Bob Haack retired from the Management Team at the conclusion of his 3-year term this past June. The Nominations Committee and the Board of Trustees are seeking a candidate to fill his position of Education and Membership Coordinator.Position responsibilities: The responsibilities for this position of Education and Membership Coordinator include:

  1. Coordinating education and membership activities in the church. This includes working with the following committees:
    • Children & Youth RGL,
    • Adult Growth,
    • Newcomers, 
    • LGBTA Welcoming, 
    • Pastoral associates. 
  2. Working with the Task Organizers for the Book Store, Library, Greeters, and Receptions.
  3. Working with the Task Organizers of various activity groups including the 6300 Club, Adult Game Night, Meditation Group, and Men's Group.
  4. Representing the Task Organizers to the Management Team and the bimonthly Church program council.

Management Team responsibilities: The three members of the Management Team and the minister collectively serve as the chief executive officers of the church. They manager and coordinate all church activities and church staff. They are responsible for interpretation and implementation of policies set by the Board of Trustees and are ultimately responsible to the Board of Trustees.

Time commitment for the position:

  • Monthly Board of Trustee meetings,
  • Monthly Management Team meetings,
  • Bi-monthly church council meetings,
  • Task force or committee meetings as needed.

Persons interested in the volunteer position of Education and Membership Coordinator should convey  their names  to the Nominations Committee chair, Duncan Case, at frankcase4346@gmail.com (402 202 9152). Please indicate your interest by August 18 so that position might be filled by the end of the month of August.


Climate Change: Implications for Nebraska

Sunday, August 23 • 2:00 - 4:00PM • Auditorium

World-renowned climate scientist and drought expert Dr. Don Wilhite addresses the implications of climate change for Nebraska. Dr. Wilhite is an author of the report, now recognized by the Nebraska Unicameral as authoritative on the topic. Looking ahead, the expectation for Nebraska is that drought frequency and severity will increase. Temperature increases will probably result in widespread drying over the U.S.  Climate scientists with drought expertise expect that a new, more severe Dust Bowl (worse than the 1930s) may arrive mid-century (2041-2070).

Nebraska will face many difficult challenges as a result of climate change. Embedded in each of these challenges are opportunities to create greater resilience as we adapt to these observed and projected changes in climate. Action now is preferable and more cost effective than reaction later.

The free event is sponsored by the Green Sanctuary committee. Other sponsors include: EnergyLinc, Nebraska IPL, and Citizens' Climate Lobby; they will be available in the gallery following the presentation.  Contact John Atkeison at (402) 915-3210 or john@EnergyLinc.org for more information.


April, 2015:  Unitarian Church of Lincoln Named Runner-up 
in Interfaith Power and Light National Cool Congregation Challenge
CLICK HERE to read the whole story and view the Energy usage data for 2015.
Breaking News: New Interim Minister Hired
CLICK HERE to read the entire announcement from Board President Lindsay Bartlett
Call For Nominations

The Nominations Committee is seeking candidates for the Ministerial Search Committee. 

The Ministerial Search Committee shall consist of seven members, four of whom shall be elected by church members at  a congregational meeting, and three of whom shall be appointed by the Board of Trustees. The Ministerial Search Committee shall select one of its members to be Chair. All candidates must be church members and should be seriously committed to this intensive, months-long process. 

A general timeline and handbook is available on the UUA website http://www.uua.org/careers/ministers/transitions/20679.shtml

Click HERE for the Ministerial Search Committee Application.



Members and Friends - If you have joined this website and been given access, you may view details of the expenses of the Capital Campaign and Building Project by clicking on the word "Members" in the left hand column of this page. If you do not have access yet, and have questions please contact the church office.

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