• Unitarian Choir Rehearsing on  two Wednesdays and then singing four-part music together at one Sunday service a month.

    Try it out.

  • The 'A' Street Band ​​Providing folk, jazz, and rock music for church services and social events.

    Be part of it.

  • The One-Hour Choir Meeting an hour before church to learn two or three songs which will be performed at that day's service.

    Join the  fun.

  • Women's Choir Lifting up the voices of girls and women (generally ages 12 and up) at one or two services a year.

    Add your voice.

  • UU Flute Ensemble Sharing love of music through regular practices and occasional performances.

    ​Pipe up.

  • Youth Musicians Offering vocal and instrumental talent during various intergenerational services.

    Indicate interest.

  • Drama Club Combining music and drama in a yearly service presented entirely by youth and children.

    Play a part.

  • Guest Musicians Utilizing the rich talent pool in Lincoln to bring professional musicians to our Sunday services.

    Recommend a player.

  • Music Librarians ​Providing behind-the-scenes assistance with sorting, stamping and organizing of the music files.

    Tame the chaos.

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